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Wellness and spa vacation

Thailand is not only known for its beautiful beaches and good food! Also in the spa area

Thailand, especially with its well-known massages, is also known beyond the borders.

Too much stress? Just get out and switch off? I need HOLIDAY? 
If this applies to you, then a spa vacation is the perfect treatment to escape the stress of everyday life, at least for a few days! Let yourself be pampered with various massages every day, switch off and enjoy your holiday without stress! Do it for yourself, your body will thank you!


Nuat Phaen Boran, the traditional Thai massage, means something like “massaging according to an ancient pattern”.
Treat yourself and your body to this time out and recovery so that you can then start your stressful everyday working life fit again.


In Thailand, as in other parts of Southeast Asia, massages are something completely normal. The “normal village population” also has regular massages so that they are no longer physically tense.

Europeans usually prefer the slightly lighter oil massages. However, massages are similar to food in Thailand - there is something for everyone! Hot stone massages, Thai massages, foot massages, oil massages or other countless pampering programs, tailored directly to you.

There are also many beach hotels that offer spa and massages directly on site or, if desired, directly in the room. Ask us, we will find the perfect destination for your relaxing holiday!

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