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Animal vacation in Thailand

Something about this topic in advance: We do not support animal parks with animal cruelty or animal abuse!

All of our trips are designed so that you can live with the animals and they are not mistreated for playing football, painting pictures or doing other things that are not species-appropriate. Riding elephants is only permitted in some camps, but without a saddle or pickaxe from the guide.

You won't see elephants playing football with us, but you can bathe with the pachyderms, wash them, feed them and even spend the night with them!


Please note that these trips are slightly more expensive as we pay close attention to the species-appropriate husbandry of the animals. Thousands of tourists come to the countless parks every day to have fun with the pachyderms - a maximum of 2 people per elephant come into our camps per day!

On the one hand, this doesn't overwhelm the pachyderms, but on the other hand, you get more out of the animal and can observe them all day long and help with their daily lives. 

Upon request, we can also provide you with German-speaking tour guides in the animal camps. The animal camps we work with mainly speak English.

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