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Training camp in paradise

Cohesion is one of the most important things in sport! Strengthen your team's team spirit in a professionally organized training camp, far away from your league competitors.

Thailand offers you the opportunity to train in a new climate. On the fully equipped football pitches, you won't miss anything apart from a cold breeze.


Combine training and vacation - your team will thank you!


If desired, we can also organize programs for the accompaniment. While your companions relax on the beautiful beach or go on (shopping) tours, you can do your training. 

Bangkok Le meridien.jpg
Nong Prue Stadium.jpg

For example, Le Meridien in Bangkok has specialized in training camps for football clubs in recent years. Professionally prepared football pitches leave nothing to be desired.


Le Meridien also offers a spa area, so that your companions will never get bored. The national elite train regularly at Le Meridien, and top clubs from neighboring countries can often be found in their training camps here. 


Professionalism is very important here! Try it out! Your team will thank you!  

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