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Thai boxing in traditional camp

Thai boxing, also known as "Muay Thai", is the national sport of the Kingdom of Thailand. This sport has been loved and practiced by young and old for hundreds of years and the great fighters are literally idolized! There are fights all over the country with sometimes horrendous prize money to be won. We train from a young age in order to later become one of the greats in this sport.

Traditional training camps can be found all over the country. People train, jog and get ready for the upcoming fights in the hottest weather. Martial arts play a very important role in the lives of the local population.


Muay Thai Guard.jpg

This enthusiasm for the sport is a must if you want to experience it first hand!

Train with the best trainers and improve your own skills. Fight, learn and refine your technique with highly trained trainers in traditional camps!

Tell us what you want from your next “Muay Thai vacation” and we will put together a suitable program for you free of charge. Combine the camp with a few days of relaxation on the most beautiful beaches in the country and enjoy a wonderful time in the land of smiles. Please provide us with as much information as possible about you and your wishes for this trip so that we can send you a suitable, individual travel program as an offer.

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