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Retirement Visa (O)

The so-called retirement visa, officially called “Non-Immigrant “O Visa A-”, is intended for people who plan a longer-term stay in Thailand, i.e. for the month of the so-called visa on arrival or the 3-month validity period of a tourist visa in Thailand wanting to stay.

The prerequisite for this is that the applicant has reached the age of 50. You must also be able to prove to the embassy that you can finance your living in Thailand yourself. The visa is issued for one year at a time and can be extended as often as required. For example, pension certificates, capital assets, interest income, and more can be deposited as proof.

If you are interested in a retirement visa, please make sure that you have already applied for a non "O" visa in your home country at the Thai embassy. If you can't do this, we have toConvert tourist visa to annual visa, which, however, becomes significantly more expensive. 

If you have any questions about this, please write to us in live chat or via the contact form, if possible while you are still in your home country.

Please also note that a retirement visa can take up to 3 weeks. Please come to our office as soon as possible after your arrival to discuss the next steps. Otherwise, you could lose important days of your visa and, in the worst case, even have to leave the country again for a short time. 


from THB 16,500

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