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Ornithological trips in Asia

Thailand has countless national parks with some unique wildlife. Nearby Malaysia is also definitely worth a trip for ornithological trips, with its fantastic fauna.

Experience the bird world up close with our unique tours. All trips can also be carried out with German-speaking local nature park rangers.

There are 962 documented species of birds to observe in Thailand alone! Some of them live in the warm kingdom all year round, others only hibernate and can therefore only be admired in the winter months.


Ask us now using the contact form below so that we can send you a tailor-made offer for your next trip.

No matter whether you want to spend your vacation in the south, north, east or west of the country - we will find a suitable solution to combine ornithology and vacation in a unique way for you.

Our range of ornithological trips extends from Thailand to Vietnam and Malaysia, as well as India, Nepal and Bhutan. We look forward to your inquiry.

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