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10 days - 9 nights


Day 01: Bangkok. Transfer from the airport to a centrally located first class hotel.

Day 02: Drive from Bangkok to Khao Yai National Park. Pak Chong. Drive from Bangkok to Khao Yai National Park. We move into our accommodation in Pak Chong near the national park in the resort complex with a beautiful swimming pool, Khao Yai Nature Life Resort. The rooms are well and comfortably equipped. In the evening a ranger is waiting for us, with whom we set off on the night safari. On this night game we drive in a pick-up truck with special halogen headlights through untouched mountain forest and a steppe plateau, where we can still see many wild animal species. Sambas (a special species of deer), civet cats and pine martens line our path. Elephants, gibbons, tapirs, wild boars, porcupines and prosimians can also sometimes be found. 

Day 03: Pak Chong – Khmer Culture: Phanom Rung - Buriram. The journey continues through the Isaan area, which is still largely undeveloped for tourism and awaits us with the over 1000 year old temple complex “Phanom Ruang”. This Khmer temple complex was built in honor of the Hindu god of the universe on a 1,300 m high extinct volcanic cone. The Phrasat Phanom Rung temple complex was built over 200 years and forms a unique symbiosis between nature and architecture. It is the most important cultural and historical building in northeast Thailand. Drive to Surin, where a big elephant festival takes place in November (around the third week). Overnight stay in a good hotel in Buriram.

Day 04: Surin – Phra Viharn – Ubon Rachathani – Khong Chiam (directly on the Mekong). In the morning we drive to Phra Viharn), which is about 1 km outside the Thai border in Cambodia. In 2008 the temple was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ubon Rachathani (“Royal City of the Lotus Flower”), a 100,000 population. The city is located in the three-country triangle Thailand – Cambodia – Laos. In Ubon we look at the temple complex Wat Supattanaram, whose monastery was built in the 19th century. emerged from a sect and houses some reliefs from the Khmer period. The largest wooden bell in the world is located in the temple complex. We then drive to the idyllic resort To Saen on the Mekong River near Khong Chiam - a fantastic resort complex with a wonderful view of the Mekong River, beautiful pool. 

Day 05: Khong Chiam – Mukdaha – Nakhon Phanom. In the morning we treat ourselves to a refreshing swim in the pool and enjoy the wonderful view of the mighty Mekong. Then we drive north along the Mekong to Mukdahan. At Phrae Tam National Park we look at the prehistoric rock paintings, which are around 3,000 years old. Mukdahan, a town of 40,000 people, is located directly on the Mekong and is the connection to Laos, Vietnam and China. A 2 km long bridge leads to Laos (Savannahaket - visa can be obtained at the border). There we visit the scenic market on the river promenade, where you can find handicrafts and all kinds of goods from neighboring Indo-Chinese countries. We drive to the 65 m high Mukdahan Tower, where you have a unique view of the Mekong Delta. Continue north to the provincial capital of the same name, Nakhon Phanom. Overnight stay in a hotel on the Mekong.

Day 06: Nakhon Phanom. Nakhon Phanom is one of the most remote cities in northeast Thailand. Here you need a good Thai tour guide, because English won't get you very far. In Nakhon Phanom you won't find any supermarkets like in other parts of Thailand, no McDonald's - a simple, idyllic life away from the hustle and bustle and tourism - very interesting. In the morning we take a beautiful boat trip on the Mekong, then take a tuk tuk through the beautiful city, and then drive to the central market, where mainly the life of the locals takes place. After lunch we visit the Wat Mahathat Phanom monastery, which is said to have been built in 900 BC. has already been built and has grown from year to year. Today, the glittering gold temple with relics of Buddha (breastbone) is the most important and highly revered temple in northeast Thailand. With a temple tip made of pure gold. Overnight at Nakhonphanom River View Hotel.

Day 07: Nakhon Phanom - Ban Chiang, the most important settlement in SE Asia - UNESCO cultural heritage - Udon Thani. Drive via Sakhon Nakhon, where the largest lake in northeast Thailand, Nong Han Lake, is located. We continue east to the provincial capital Udon Thani. Approximately 50 km from Udon Thani is the most important prehistoric settlement in SE Asia. Sensational discoveries around 1970 indicated that this area was inhabited around 4,000 years ago. During excavations, skeletons, pottery and bronze tools from the Bronze Age were found. Of course we visit an excavation site and the impressive national museum. Drive to Udon Thani, where we stay overnight in the top 4* hotel The Pannaraimit. Udon Thani, about 60 km from Laos, has a population of about 250,000. the fourth largest city in Thailand. This city was the main station of the Americans during the Vietnam War, so this city developed in a very western-oriented manner. Numerous department stores, boutiques, restaurants, western bars, massage parlors can be found here. Stroll through the lively city today alone or with your German-speaking tour guide.

Day 08: Drive from Udon Thani to Khon Kaen. Khon Kaen is 120 km south of Udon Thani. 140,000 inhabitants live in this lively city. At Wat Chetiyaphum we visit the Phra That Kham Kaen, which gave this city its name. It is a 19 m high chedi built over the stump of a tamarind tree. This chedi also contains relics of Buddha. After a stroll through the city, we drive to the ultimate 5* Hotel Pullmann in Khon Kaen, with the first microbrewery in the hotel - the Kronen Bräu, with a German master brewer who brews the beer according to the purity law. Bottom up!


Day 09: Khon Kaen – Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat) – Khmer Temple Phimai. Drive from Pak Chong to one of the largest cities in northeast Thailand to Nakhon Rachasima, also called Korat. Approximately 60 km from Korat (approx. 150,000 inhabitants) is Phimai, a center of Khmer culture with temple complexes from the 11th-13th centuries. Century. The large Buddhist-Hindu temple complex Phrasat Phimai is one of the most beautiful Khmer complexes in Thailand. In the afternoon we still have some time to stroll around the city of Nakhon Rachasima. Overnight stay in a first class hotel.

Day 10: Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat) – Bangkok. After a good breakfast we drive back to the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, where we arrive around midday.

Included services:
-Program and sightseeing as listed, all transfers
-Travel in air-conditioned cars (2 people), VIP minibuses (3 - 6 people)
-9 nights accommodation as stated in first class resorts and hotels
-Bed and breakfast
-Wildlife tour
-National park fees


Optional services:
Half board (if desired, to order). Per person per day with lunch €9, per person with dinner €12.
Private tour with German speaking tour guide.


Write to us in live chat for a free and current offer.

Untouched Isaan

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