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  • Keemala Resort is incredible. Perfect for a dream vacation for two. Enjoy togetherness combined with the greatest luxury.


    The resort is located in the forest, somewhat removed from any civilization. Peace and relaxation are guaranteed!


    Most of the time it is not easy to get a room in this resort as it is very often fully booked. Contact us early so we can make you an offer for this beautiful resort. 


    The prices per room vary massively between high and low season. A room over Christmas/New Year costs almost three times as much as a room outside the high season.


    There are 4 different room types. So if you're planning a luxury vacation or honeymoon in Thailand - don't miss out on this offer! We will be happy to let you know prices and availability via live chat.



    Live like Tarzan and Jane in luxury

    SKU: 013-0004
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