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Every evening the city transforms into a fairytale wonderland. 'KL', as Kuala Lumpur is casually called, is fascinating in many ways. With 1.6 million inhabitants, it is the largest city in the country and is a melting pot of diverse ethnic groups and nationalities, a truly cosmopolitan city. Culture and architecture are correspondingly diverse. Mosques, pagodas, temples and churches, ultra-modern skyscrapers, department stores and hotels, ancient craft workshops and bazaars offer things worth knowing and seeing for every visitor. 


“KL” is the cultural and economic center of Malaysia. The city is characterized by avenues, parks and many thriving public spaces. It is considered one of the cleanest cities in Asia and at the same time a shopping paradise.
Half-day city tour including "Twin Towers". Kuala Lumpur, the state capital, filled with vibrant, international life. We experience the colorful history and multilingual development of the city, its impressive architecture and cultural diversity.

We visit Chinatown and see the city's oldest mosque, the Masjid Jame, the black and white building of the British Selangor Club. We then visit the main train station and the National Museum, are impressed by the Moorish architecture of Sultan Abdul Samad and end the tour at the Karyaneka Handycraft Center, where we can admire and buy artistic handicrafts from the 13 states. On this tour you will of course also visit the landmark of “KL”, the world-famous Patronas Twin Towers (up to the Sky Bridge). We stop at the Royal Palace for a photo stop.

Finally, we visit the lively China Town with its countless market stalls.


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KUALA LUMPUR – “KL”: City of Gardens and Lights

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