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6 days - 5 nights


On the “Classic Northern Thailand Tour” you will get to know the most important cultural sites in the Kingdom of Thailand: the cosmopolitan city of Bangkok, the historic city of Ayutthaya, the pilgrimage site of Pitsanulok with its 700-year-old gold-plated Buddha figure, the first kingdom of Sukhothai, Chiang Mai - the pearl of the North, the "City of Monkeys" Lopburi, culture, landscape, experience, adventure. The beauty of nature, the endless emerald green rice fields to the densely forested mountain jungle, orchid farms, elephant camps - all this and much more contribute to this This beautiful round trip will be a real experience! The ideal round trip to get to know the fascinating north at an extremely affordable price!


Day 1: Transfer from the airport. You will be picked up at the airport in Bangkok with your name tag at EXIT 3 and accompanied to your hotel in Bangkok. The day is at leisure. Overnight stay in a first class hotel in Bangkok.


Day 2: Bangkok city tour - Ayutthaya - Pitsanulok. At 8:00 a.m. your German-speaking tour guide will pick you up in the lobby of your hotel. On the city tour in Bangkok we take you through the fairytale temple complex of Wat Phra Kaew, the temple of the highly revered “Emerald Buddha”, and through the Royal Palace. Then the journey takes us to Ayutthaya, which was the splendid capital of Siam for over 400 years. We visit the largest “Sitting Buddha in Thailand”, “Wat Yai Mongkol”, a temple complex popular with the population, as well as the temple ruins of the former royal palace. Continue via Nakhon Sawan to Pitsanulok. Overnight stay in Pitsanulok in a first class hotel.


Day 03: Pitsanulok - Sukhothai - Chiang Mai. In Pitsanulok we visit an important temple complex for the Thais with a bronze statue from the Sukhothai period. In the complex itself we see Thai dancers, fortune tellers, food stalls and stalls. We then drive to Sukhothai and take a detailed tour of the historical park. Sukhothai was the powerful capital of the Thai kingdom for 140 years (1238-1378). A total of 8 kings ruled during the Sukhothai period. Probably the most important was King Ramkhamhaeng, who introduced the Thai script and had Buddhist teachings spread by Ceylonese monks. We visit the huge historical area that houses a variety of temple ruins, including Wat Mahatat, the royal temple that was the largest sanctuary during the Sukhothai period; the one in the 13th century. Built in the Khmer style, Wat Si Sawi, Wat Sra Sri with a Ceylonese-style stupa and Wat Si Chum with a huge seated Buddha figure in a square moon op that opens at the top. We drive north to Chiang Mai on a good road through a mountain jungle. Overnight stay in Chiang Mai in a first class hotel.


Day 04: Chiang Mai - Elephant Camp - Handicrafts - Orchid Farm - Doi Suthep. An eventful day: we visit the elephant camp and take part in the daily morning washing of the elephants. In a demonstration we see how the animals are prepared and trained for their jungle mission. You can optionally go on an elephant safari and ride on the pachyderms' backs for an hour through the lush forested jungle and through a river (elephant safari and bamboo rafting optional. €25 per person - order when booking). Drive to Wat Doi Suthep, 800 m above Chiang Mai. A jewel among Thai monasteries, this temple with a golden chedi offers magnificent panoramic views of Chiang Mai. After lunch we visit the world-famous handicraft workshops in Bo Sang and San Khampeng with umbrella painting, silk and cotton weaving, silver processing and wood carving. We then recommend a shopping spree through the well-known and popular Night Bazaar. Overnight stay in Chiang Mai in a first class hotel. 7


Day 05: Chiang Mai – Lampoon – Nakhon Sawan. In Lamphun you can visit the extraordinary, 9th century. built and in the 12th century. completed temple complex Wat Phra That Hariphunchai with its 46 m high gold-plated chedi containing holy relics. Hariphunchai was a Mon kingdom in northern Thailand. We then drive via Kampheng Phet to the Chinese-influenced city of Nakhon Sawan, where we spend the night.


Day 06: Nakhon Sawan – Lopburi – Bangkok. After a short visit to the provincial capital Nakhon Sawan, where 4 rivers from the north meet and form the main river in Bangkok, the Chao Phya River, the journey takes us to Lopburi. The city was once the seat of the viceroy of the Khmer Empire and in the 17th century. Residence of the great king Narai. Today, Lopburi is best known as the “City of Monkeys”. Hundreds of these brazen animals populate an old temple complex and move freely in the center of the city, which has a population of 40,000. The monkeys of Lopburi are viewed by the people as “roommates” and are fed and cared for. We then drive to Bangkok, where we arrive in the afternoon.


Travel dates from/to Bangkok: daily Private tour: from 2 people Tour guide: German-speaking tour guide.


Included services:

- Program and visits as listed

- All transfers

- Travel in good cars (2 people) and VIP minibuses (3-8 people) 

- 1 night in a first class hotel in Bangkok

- 1 night in a first class hotel in Pitsanulok

- 2 nights in a first class hotel in Chiang Mai

- 1 night in a good hotel in Nakhon Sawan  

- Overnight stays with breakfast buffet

- City tour in Bangkok

- all entrance fees and boat rides.


National Park Fees Optional



- Elephant safari and bamboo rafting in the jungles of northern Thailand. To be ordered when booking - €25 per person.

- Half board (if desired, to order). Per person per day with lunch €9, per person with dinner €12


Classic Northern Thailand tour

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