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2-day tour with German speaking tour guide.

Day 1: Bangkok – Khao Yai National Park. Drive from Bangkok to Khao Yai National Park. We move into our accommodation at the national park in a natural resort complex with beautiful tropical plants and some exotic bird species. Beautiful natural pool with waterfall on site. The rooms are nicely furnished and all have air conditioning. In the afternoon we drive to a bat cave. As darkness falls we experience an unforgettable spectacle. Over 2 million horseshoe bats fly out of a small hole in the rock to look for food. A never-ending swarm of bats trails a long black streak across the evening sky. We can climb up to this cave opening and see the animals “up close” as they search for food. Overnight at the resort.


Day 2: Jungle hike in Khao Yai National Park - Bangkok. We set off on this unique nature tour early in the morning. Right at the beginning we go on an approximately 2-hour jungle hike along elephant trails through untouched evergreen jungle areas with unique exotic flora, where the natural history guide gives us a lot of information about the animals that we can observe in the wild. Our first destination is an idyllic wildlife observation tower on the lake, where we can take a short break and enjoy the beautiful view. Then we drive deeper into the jungle to the largest waterfall, Haeo Narok (Devil's Gorge). This impressive 60 meter high waterfall, with its sheer rock faces and breathtaking views from the highest vantage point over the park's mountain ridges, reflects the full wildness of the national park. We can also swim at the waterfall. In the evening a ranger is waiting for us, with whom we set off on the night safari. On this night game we drive in a pick-up truck with special halogen headlights through untouched mountain forest and a steppe plateau, where we can still see many wild animal species. Sambas (a special species of deer), civet cats and pine martens line our path. Elephants, gibbons, tapirs, wild boars, porcupines and prosimians can also sometimes be found.


For you! Travel places great value on communication. Unlike many other companies, we do not show prices for our tours online. Many offers on the Internet are offered with prices “from ... euros”. However, these prices are usually unrealistic, as they are usually for a larger number of people - and during the absolute low season. That's why we have one for our customersLive chat set up where you can obtain direct information and an approximate 18 hours per dayTour price, exactly to your needs adapted, can obtain. You will receive the effective price, which can differ very little from the price offered in advance in the live chat, by email within a few hours.

Kao Yai – Thailand’s largest wildlife national park

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