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  • 3300 km long coastline, subtropical vegetation, exotic landscape, wonderful miles of white sandy beaches of the Chinese Sea, slender coconut palms, huge emerald-green rice fields that are lovingly worked by the farmers from morning to evening, the fertile plains in the Mekong and Red Rivers “ Delta, the central highlands with tea and coffee plantations, waterfalls and rivers in dense rainforests.
    Vietnam is about the size of Italy. Almost 90 million people live in this country. 60 different ethnic minorities, the hill tribes, populate the mountains of the central highlands and the north.
    Today the Vietnamese don't talk about Viet Congs and GIs; hustle and bustle dominates the cityscape from Saigon to Hanoi. Before the sun rises, millions are already on their way to work on their bicycles and mopeds. “Good Morning Vietnam!” 

    Size: 330,000 sq km. About the size of Italy
    Population: 86 million inhabitants.
    Population density: 242 people per sq km
    Capital city: Hanoi. 3.5 million inhabitants
    Geography: 3 300 km long coastal strip on the China Sea. Vietnam borders China in the north and Laos and Cambodia in the west.
    Form of government: Socialist Republic.
    Religion: Mostly Buddhism, also Taoism, Confucianism, Daoism, Christians.
    Language: Official language Vietnamese. Chinese. Partly French. Some English.
    Visa & Currency: You can organize the tourist visa yourself at the Vietnamese representation. We can also organize a “visa on arrival” for you. This currently costs €25 when booking and an extra US$25 upon entry. Austrian citizens require a tourist visa. German citizens do not need a visa.
    In Cambodia we get an express visa for Vietnam (currently €65) in 1 working day. 
    1 US$=22,000 Vietnamese dong. Credit cards are accepted in hotels.


    Are you planning a tour through Vietnam, but with a longer beach vacation or to a place that you cannot find on our tours? 


    We would be happy to create an individual offer to perfectly design your dream vacation across Vietnam. By the way, Vietnam can also be very well connected to other countries. Combine your dream vacation in Vietnam with a short trip to Laos or Cambodia. We'll put together whatever you want for you!


    We look forward to your inquiry in order to offer you your individual trip.



    Your individual Vietnam trip

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