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  • Temples and pagodas as great moments of world culture, time-forgotten Burmese villages, the expanse of the Ayeyarwady elephant river, gold-plated rocks in the middle of the green of the jungle, tribes that live according to ancient traditions, cave monasteries that have nothing comparable in Southeast Asia, the procession of Buddhist mendicants. .. A country full of exuberant exoticism, for many the most beautiful and interesting country in Southeast Asia. Our German-speaking Burmese travel guide takes us from Yangon, Myanmar's largest city, to the magnificent pagodas of Bagan to the “Golden City” of Mandalay and to the picturesque Inle Lake. Lively history, ancient culture, fascinating monuments and, last but not least, a beautiful landscape accompany us on this journey. Sometimes you have the feeling that time has stood still there. Burma, today's Myanmar, at its most beautiful and fascinating!

    Very good German speaking tour guide!

    Size: 667,000 sq km.
    Population: 44 million
    Population density: 65 inhabitants. per sq km.
    Capital: Yangon 5 million inhabitants.
    Geography: Myanmar borders China, Laos and Thailand to the east, Bangladesh, India to the west, the Indian Ocean (Bay of Bengal) and the Andaman Sea.
    Form of government: Socialist republic.
    Religion: 90% Buddhism. Islamic and Christian minorities. natural religions.
    Language: Burmese. 100 different dialects.
    Visa & Currency: You can get the tourist visa yourself at the Burmese representation in Germany (Berlin). We can get a visa. We (FOR YOU Travel) will send you an email that you fill out with a scanned passport photo. Return.
    The arrangement costs €30 per person. The visa fee must be paid directly upon entry at the immigration counter and amounts to US$ 30.
    For 1 US$ you currently get around 1,290 Kyat. Take small US$ bills with you. More and more € are now being accepted.


    Are you planning a tour through Myanmar, but with a longer beach holiday or to a place that you cannot find on our tours? 


    We would be happy to create an individual offer to perfectly design your dream vacation across Myanmar. By the way, Myanmar can also be very well connected to other countries. Combine your dream vacation in Myanmar with a short trip to Laos or Thailand. We'll put together whatever you want for you!


    We look forward to your inquiry in order to offer you your individual trip.

    Your individual Myanmar trip

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