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  • LAOS was the last of the Indochina countries to open its borders to tourism. After many years of fighting and unrest, the country has consolidated itself and hard-working people have achieved what, in our eyes, is perhaps modest prosperity. This positive development, together with an intense love for the homeland, of which one is very proud and which one would like to show to visitors from distant Europe, has meant that Laos welcomes tourists today. In terms of area, Laos is something larger than Great Britain, but has just under 7 million inhabitants and therefore a population density of around 18 people per square km - one of the lowest in Asia. Laos, with its centuries-old culture, with its natural beauties, and its friendly, cheerful people, looks up with pride your past and with confidence in the future!
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    Data & Facts
    Size: 235,000 sq km. About the size of Great Britain
    Population: 7 million
    Population density: 27.5 inhabitants per square km - one of the least populated countries in Asia.
    Capital city: Vientiane. Approximately 650,000 inhabitants.
    Geography: Laos borders China to the north, Myanmar and Thailand to the west, Vietnam to the east and Cambodia to the south. The Mekong River stretches over 1,800 km in Laos and forms the natural border with Myanmar and Thailand.
    Form of government: Socialist People's Republic.
    Religion: Buddhism.
    Language: Lao. At the Thai border. Partly French.
    Visas & Currency: You can easily obtain a tourist visa upon entry at the airport in Vientiane for a fee of currently US$32. 1 passport photo.
    1 US$ = 8,000 Lao Kip. (As of JUN 16). Bring dollars in small bills. Thai Baht is also accepted. You can change euros at banks.
    Major credit cards are accepted in good hotels and department stores.


    Are you planning a tour through Laos, but with a longer beach holiday or to a place that you cannot find on our tours? 


    We would be happy to create an individual offer to perfectly design your dream vacation across Laos. By the way, Laos can also be easily connected to other countries. Combine your dream vacation in Laos with a short trip to Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia or Thailand. We'll put together whatever you want for you!


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