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Lantau Island Day Tour - English Guide - Shared Tour

Lantau Island, also known as Lantao Island, 'Great Island Mountain', is the largest of Hong Kong's 263 islands and is part of the offshore historical archipelago "Wanshan Islands" or "Ladrone Islands" at the mouth of the Pearl River. The name Lantau Island derives from the local population's colloquial name for the “mountain with the jagged peak.”


The island of Lantau is located opposite the mouth of the Pearl River and has a size of 146.38 km² and a population of over 100,000 inhabitants. Administratively, it belongs to the Islands District, as well as a small part in the northeast to the Tsuen Wan District. On the north side is Tung Chung, the largest town with high residential density on Lautau. To the southwest of it lies the town of Tai O, a historic fishing village with stilt huts on the water and a low population density. On the south side of the island is the town of Discovery Bay and other historic settlements with low residential density such as Mui Wo, Pui O, Cheung Sha and other small villages and small holiday communities along the coast.


Hong Kong (“Port of Fragrances”) is a vibrant mix of East and West.
Hong Kong is an absolute must for tourists: few places in the world have so much that is excitingly interesting, contradictory, entertaining and worth remembering. Experience the deep sea port in front of the fascinating skyline of the city - the Kowloon Peninsula (Keuw Long, i.e. 9 dragons) and the New Territories.
Hong Kong offers a wide variety of facets of daily life: from the lively hustle and bustle of Hong Kong Island to the exciting Eldorados for shopping (electronics, designer fashion, sporting goods, leather), restaurants and nightlife in Kowloon to rustic fishing villages in the New Territories.
Crossing the “Victoria Harbor” with the “Starferry” is always a special experience!

At 8 p.m., you should watch the daily "Syphony of Lights" laser show - for 15 minutes, powerful lasers are shot up from both sides of the harbor, synchronized from the skyscrapers of the skyline, and together they form a "Symphony of Lights." unforgettable experience....


***Shared tour, prices per person, valid for one person or more***


***On request we can offer private tours with German speaking tour guides***

Hong Kong - Lantau Island with lunch - English

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