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Bang Pa In – the summer residence of the kings

With German speaking tour guide.

In the morning we visit Ayutthaya, which was the splendid capital of Siam for over 400 years. Ayutthaya used to be the country's government center. 33 kings, godlike and aloof, ruled the city founded by King U-Thong in 1350. Hundreds of magnificent temple complexes were built within the city walls. The economy and trade with foreign countries flourished. Merchants from all parts of the world (16th century) met in Ayutthaya. Although the city was completely destroyed by the Burmese in 1767, the (partially renovated) ruins of over 500 temples and palaces give an idea of the splendor of the former metropolis. We visit the excavation site of the “Holy City”, a temple with a gold-plated, colossal Buddha figure, the largest “sitting Buddha” in Thailand, and Wat Yai Mongkol, a temple complex that is popular with the population and contains the city’s landmark, the “Great Chedi of Naresuan” is located. Drive to Bang Pa In, the former summer residence of the kings, where you can admire buildings of various styles, Thai, Chinese, French, English and even neo-Gothic in the middle of a beautiful park. including travel to the hotel.


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Ayutthaya - Summer Residence Bang Pa In

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