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Culinary journeys

In addition to the fantastic beaches and beautiful landscapes, it is above all the delicious food that many tourists associate with Thailand.

There are countless restaurants and just as many open street kitchens, for which the kingdom is very popular and known. With Raan Jay Fai's street food restaurant, Thailand now has the only street food restaurant in the world that has a Michelin star!

Thailand is street food! Find out more about the unique cuisine that makes Thailand so unique!

For street food lovers or those who would like to become one, we offer unique trips throughout Southeast Asia. Ask us and let us know where you want your next trip to go so that we can send you a personal and tailor-made offer.

In addition to the many street food options, we also offer our customers the opportunity to take part in Thai cooking courses. These are each with German-speaking management, private and can therefore be adapted exactly to your wishes. 

When making your inquiry, please let us know whether you have any allergies or would prefer to leave out any ingredients (meat, seafood, etc.)

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