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History and war

Although Thailand has been spared from war in recent years, the Vietnam and Second World Wars also left their mark on our beautiful kingdom.

Some cities in Thailand would not even exist without the Vietnam War. Because of the many American soldiers who were here during the Vietnam War, whole new towns and villages were created.

Other cities would still exist if the war hadn't continued here. The Second World War in particular definitely left its mark on Thailand. The most famous of these war sites was Kanchanaburi and the even more famous "Bridge on the River Kwai", which was rebuilt.

Next to the bridge there are countless museums that bring history back to life!


Laos was also affected during these wars and the consequences there were even more evident than in Thailand. Particularly on the border regions with Vietnam, things still look like times of war.

A very mythical place is the “Plain of Clay Jars” in Laos, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the associated town of Phonsavan, in addition to the clay jars, which were unfortunately destroyed in large numbers during the Vietnam War, you can also see many bombs that did not explode when they fell to Phonsavan. The local restaurants now use these as beds to plant beautiful flowers and trees. 


If you are fascinated by war and its history, then write to us! We will create an individual offer for your next trip!

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