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Marriage visa

If you have found the woman of your life in Thailand and want to marry her, this also has advantages for your visa in Thailand. By marrying a Thai citizen, you can apply for a visa lasting 12 months and extend it as often as you like.

With this visa, you should also request a Non O Visa in your home country. If this is not possible, you would have to apply for this at a Thai embassy abroad (e.g. Singapore or Hong Kong) and then enter Thailand to activate it.

However, please note that for a marriage visa, you must provide a bank statement from a Thai bank with at least 400,000 THB or have a guaranteed income of at least 40,000 THB per month. This could be, for example, a pension.

With the marriage visa you also have the option of oneWork permit to obtain.


If you have any questions about this type of visa, we will be happy to advise you via live chat or via emailContact form. 

THB 22,000

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