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Getting married in Thailand

If you have decided to get married, we are your partner for the entire administration in Thailand. We would be happy to help you with national visas to your home country afterwards.

We always offer our customers a German and a Thai contact person so that we can communicate more quickly together and there are no misunderstandings due to the language.


Please note that marriage varies from country to country and person to person. We therefore ask you to write to us in advance by email so that we can make you a suitable offer.


For a correct offer, we would also need to have your future wife's telephone number so that we can discuss everything with her in advance. Since a lot has to be translated and certified, the prices usually depend on how many documents there are to be translated and certified.

It may be that one person only needs to have a few pages translated and certified - others may need up to 20 or even more if they were already married, have children, or have already changed their name (sometimes several times). Many women change their name in Thailand because a monk advised them to do so in order to have better luck in life.

We therefore ask you to send us a short message using the contact form below so that we can offer you a suitable offer for your marriage and, if necessary, subsequent visas.

We look forward to your inquiry - your For You Visa Team 

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