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Golf vacation in paradise

Combine hobby and vacation? No problem! 

Thailand and Southeast Asia offer excellent green facilities for golfers of all kinds. A very popular travel destination for golfers, for example, is Hua Hin in Thailand. However, Cambodia is also heavily retrofitting.

The great thing about a golf vacation in Southeast Asia is that you can easily combine it with your dream vacation! For example, would you like golf and the sea? Then Hua Hin! Do you want golf and culture? Then Siem Reap (Angkor Wat) in Cambodia! Do you want golf and nature? Then Chiang Mai! 


Ask us today and let us know where you want to go so that we can make you a suitable offer for your next dream golf trip.

You are also welcome to simply tell us your travel destination and we will see that there is a suitable greenery right on your doorstep.

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