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Student visas (ED visas)

With an ED visa, younger people can also obtain a visa to stay in Thailand for a longer period of time.

However, with a student visa you undertake to attend a school and appear there for 3x4 hours a week. However, you are free to choose the courses that appeal to you most. A language school for the Thai language certainly makes sense since you are in Thailand. However, other courses such as cooking schools, Thai boxing lessons and much more can also be attended.

For You Travel also offers you the opportunity to get a student visa without going to school every week. If this interests you, write to us in live chat or viacontact form at.

The visa can also be extended several times by one year so that you can extend your stay in Thailand.  The validity is one year and the visa is available without additional departure.

In addition to the language course, the advantages of the ED visa are the fact that you can use it to get a Thai driving license, open a bank account and take out Thai health insurance. There is also a student ID card, which is good for all kinds of discounts since you are officially considered a "Thai", for example when entering national parks (400 Baht for tourists, 40 Baht for Thais) or with proven residents Thai ID or driving license.

from THB 30,000

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