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Fishing vacation in Thailand

Combine hobby and vacation? No problem!

Thailand and neighboring countries have incredibly beautiful fauna that is often unknown to us. No matter whether fresh or salt water, for young and old, with us your next vacation will be a real catch!

Go hunting for arapaima, gigantic Mekong catfish or giant Siamese carp.

In the waters we selected there are catfish weighing over 200 kg and giant carp weighing over 200 kg. 100 KG, just waiting to be caught by you!


Even if you want to travel with your wife or family and they are not as "fishing fans" as you, we can organize these tours for you so that it suits everyone!

For example, you can go on boat trips combined with island hopping and fishing, or we can let your loved ones relax in the beautiful beach hotel and you can go hunting with us in a nearby body of water that suits your needs.

Contact us today if you are interested in being greeted with “Petri Heil” on your next vacation!

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