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Active vacation in Asia

Round trips are also becoming increasingly popular with younger customers! However, the trips for the younger clientele are also adapted accordingly.


When it comes to an active tour, we attach great importance to having fun and being active! Take a tour like many others have already done in terms of route, but with unique experiences based on your wishes.


River rafting instead of a bus ride? Overnight stay with elephants instead of in a 5-star hotel? Rope parks instead of temples?


For us, active tours mean fun! So that we can plan your trip as optimally as possible for you, we look forward to hearing from you with as many wishes as possible in order to put together something suitable for you.

Spend the night in tree houses, on the river, with elephants, in a tent during/after rafting trips or in a 5-star hotel. We will put together whatever you want for you!

You will never be bored in Thailand or Southeast Asia! We make sure of that!

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